When you shop with us, you help underwrite Forge City Works® on-the-job culinary training and food access programs. 

We believe in making quality groceries
accessible to everyone in our community.

The Grocery on Broad is your local neighborhood market in Frog Hollow offering access to quality, fresh, and wholesome food. Owned and operated by Forge City Works, we are more than just a grocery store – we are a social enterprise dedicated to enriching lives. In collaboration with Connecticut Foodshare, our mission is straightforward yet impactful: to provide wholesome, fresh food to the community, fostering well-being for all.

Our Approach

At The Grocery on Broad we aim for:

  1. Affordable Access: We’re dedicated to making high-quality, nutritious food accessible to everyone in our community, with dignity and respect. Our income based pricing model ensures that fresh, wholesome groceries are within reach for all.
  2. Job Training and Creation: We provide job training for Opportunity Youth and individuals facing employment barriers. By creating local jobs and offering training opportunities, we empower individuals to improve their lives.
  3. Sustainable Social Enterprise: As a social enterprise, we aim to balance financial sustainability with social impact. We reinvest modest profits into creating opportunities for our community. Our ongoing initiatives, like our Culinary and Customer Service Training Program, demonstrate our commitment to sustainability and community development.

Join us in building a brighter, healthier future for all.

Our Partners